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Webmin on fedora Rawhide

June 30th, 2010 | Category: linux

Webin is a web based application to manage Linux Server. (wikipedia)
The installation is very easy and provide a simple interface to setup System (Disk, password, Cron, Packages,…), Servers ( Apache, Mysql, Postgresql, …), Network, hardware,…
First, we must install some dependencies

  1. # yum install openssl perl perl-Net-SSLeay perl-Crypt-SSLeay

Then, We import rpm signature

  1. #rpm –import

Next, we create a file to define the repository on /etc/yum.repos.d/webmin.repo with this content

  1. [webmin]
  2. name=Webmin Distribution Neutral
  3. baseurl=
  4. enabled=0

Finally, we install webmin using this command

  1. yum —enablerepo=webmin install webmin

Now, you can connect and enjoy Webmin on

PS: This installation can be done on Fedora and Fedora like linux distributions.

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June 09th, 2010 | Category: linux,postgresql

pg_top is a top linux command like for postgresql server. It’s a way to monitor and analyse query execution.
To install on fedora like server :

  1. $sudo yum install pg_top

Most used options are :
-h to define hostname
-d to select a database
-U to choose a user
-W to get prompt for password

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