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Month: July 2007


Le profil de smolt est un moyen crée par les utilisateurs de fedora pour avoir une idée sur les architectures et machine qui utilise fedora. Ce service a été repris par d’autre distribution Suse, mandriva, debian et bien sûr Ubuntu.
Avec cette page de statistique, on peut avoir une page qui décrit les drivers et configuration de notre machine. Comme le cas de mon desktop http://smolt.fedoraproject.org/show?UUID=fe9d3772-3dcc-4db8-8bed-7b4e2662d23f
Pour plus d’information : http://smolt.fedoraproject.org/

Fedora weekly news 97

  1. Fedora Weekly News Issue 97
    1. Announcements
      1. fedorapeople.org is now available
      2. Smolt, Open Invitation
    2. Planet Fedora
      1. Ohio Linux Fest Keynote Address
      2. GNOME Cookbook
      3. Repoview-0.6.0
      4. Mascots and Fedora. Do we need one? Do we want one?
    3. Marketing
      1. Volunteers needed for GITEX (8-12 September)
      2. New in Fedora: Jack Aboutboul
      3. Proposed Fedora 8 Features
      4. Smolt to be a Linux Thing
    4. Developments
      1. Plans for tickless kernel for x86_64 architecture in Fedora 8
      2. ‘Allo ‘Allo Wot’s This ‘Ere License?
      3. Yum Integration For Applications
      4. Java Based Web Interface To Fedora Repositories?
      5. Sysklogd Replaced With Rsyslogd in Fedora 8
      6. Presto-digitation
      7. Seahorse: Reducing The Number Of Passphrase And Password Challenges
      8. Nodoka Theme: Clean, Easy On The Eyes, Featured in Fedora 8
      9. RUM RHUM RHUME REDRUM OPIUM OPYUM: Offline Fedora Package Manager
      10. Another GNOME Conspiracy Unmasked: ShowOnlyIn
    5. Infrastructure
      1. Fedorapeople.org is up
    6. Security Week
      1. Computer Viruses are 25 Years old
      2. Serious Security Issues in Samsung Linux Drivers
      3. Firefox Released
    7. Daily Package
      1. Krecipes – Recipe manager
      2. Pulseaudio – Next-generation audio server
      3. Crontab
      4. Hwbrowser – Display hardware info
      5. Ri-li – Run a wooden train
    8. Advisories and Updates
      1. Fedora 7 Security Advisories
      2. Fedora Core 6 Security Advisories
    9. Events and Meetings
      1. Fedora Board Meeting Minutes 2007-07-17
      2. Fedora Ambassadors Meeting 2007-07-19
      3. Fedora Documentation Steering Committee 2007-07-17
      4. Fedora Engineering Steering Committee Meeting 2007-07-19
      5. Fedora Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux Meeting 2007-07-18
      6. Fedora Infrastructure Meeting (Log) 2007-07-19
      7. Fedora Packaging Committee Meeting 2007-07-17
      8. Fedora Release Engineering Meeting 2007-07-16
      9. Fedora Translation Project Meeting 2007-07-17
    10. Extras Extras
      1. LiveCD for Red Hat High


Cet outil est utilisé pour choisir entre plusieur JVM installer sur une machine. On trouve cette outil sur fedora et autre distribution dérivée.
Pour l’installer:
#yum install system-switch-java
pour le lancée on peut utilisée cette commande ou ajouté -t pour le mode text.
J’ai réussi à l’installer pour ma part sur ma machine mais j’ai pas compris comment il trouve la liste des JVM. En effet, il ne détecte pas ceux de SUN.
à suivre …

Interview with Linus Torvalds

A curiosity: which is your favourite distribution, and which on e do you consider more secure?

I don’t really tend to care much, I’ve changed distributions over the years, and to me the most important thing tends to be that they are easy to install and upgrade, and allow me to do the only part I really care about – the kernel.

So the only major distribution I’ve never used has actually been Debian, exactly because that has traditionally been harder to install. Which sounds kind of strange, since Debian is also considered to be the “hard-core technical” distribution, but that’s literally exactly what I personally do not want in a distro. I’ll take the nice ones with simple installers etc, because to me, that’s the whole and only point of using a distribution in the first place.

So I’ve used SuSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu, YDL (I ran my main setup on PowerPC-based machines for a while, and YDL – Yellow Dog Linux – ended up the easiest choice). Right now, most of my machines seem to have Fedora 7 on then, but that’s only a statement of fact, not meant to be that I think it’s necessarily “better” than the other distros.

Concours entré école d’ingénieur pour les Isetien (iset) 2007 est ouvert

Je vous informe que le concours sur dossier pour l’entrée dans une école d’ingénieur pour les différentes spécialités disponible est ouvert, pour plus d’information ou pour avoir le dossier et tous le lien est

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